Snow White and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) are forced into a fate of eternal sleep. Snow White is poisoned with an apple. Aurora is lured — by dark magic — to prick her finger on a cursed spindle. This discussion is solely focusing on the Disney reimagining of the classic fairytales and not their darker origins. Both of these women were rendered helpless due to circumstances. Snow White’s naivety partially influenced her choice to bite the apple (unlike Aurora, who was essentially possessed before pricking her finger). The evil queen’s witch disguise wasn’t necessarily the most inviting nor friendly appearance to…

She’s More Than Just a Sleeping Beauty

© Disney

Often referred to by just the moniker ‘Sleeping Beauty’, Aurora rarely receives the credit she deserves. I’m focusing solely on Disney’s visual masterwork, Sleeping Beauty, not the aggressively rapey origin story nor various re-imaginings. One could assume that Aurora lacks substance or is one-dimensional on first glance. Aurora tops most lists as Disney’s worst princess, going so far as to be called the “most worthless princess” because all she does is sleep. There is no need malign her name, or dismiss her.

Passing judgment on Aurora is a reflection of personal expectations rather…

Knotted Heart © Tanglelows 3 by Greg McGoon, Art by J. Orr

If only it took a heartbeat…

to create a society for all children to flourish. Protect children’s lives that have breathed the open air. Build a society where children aren’t abused and neglected — where they feel secure in all communities, not only those who can afford security. A society where a child knows they a valued for existing as though they are still womb.

The unborn reflects innocence, purity, the potential of what could be before society’s wayward grasp can tarnish them. Children are failed and made to feel worthless every day. Failed by the foster care system, festering…

Image from The Trampling Trembling Tanglelow Trail

The Virtual Conga Lines of Communication in Society

“Let’s take a moment before you go quicker,

And try to avoid all the noise and the bicker.”

— The Tanglelows

It’s pointless to hammer a nail with a pillow. However, when encountering a person with a different opinion, even a one-minute exchange might feel as though you’re trying to hammer a nail with a pillow — a lot of work to build nothing. Why a pillow? Maybe it was all you were given, all that you had, or could find. Common sense says, “STOP! This isn’t going to accomplish anything.” Yet…

Greg McGoon

Children’s book author. Hashtagging is surprisingly a lot of work. @themcgoonies

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